The Philosophy of Astrology

Astrology is all about "knowing things," though it rarely faces what is called the epistemology problem: How do astrologers know what they think they know? The discussion of astrological matters is rife with assumptions and generalizations, and rarely gets to the bottom of the matter: astrology is a product of consciousness. This pre-recorded audio/visual class is the prerequisite for other classes going forward.

There is also a phenomenal resource area, which includes a discussion with Robert Hand, and another with Robert Schmidt (co-founders of Project Hindsight and the modern classical astrology revival). There is my recording of a two-day workshop with Geoffrey Cornelius, author of The Moment of Astrology. These things alone are worth the tuition.

I will take you from the philosophy of the Greek astrologers to the 17th century revival to the 19th century revival, into humanistic astrology, psychological astrology and other contemporary approaches. This is a broad survey class that will teach you how to ask one question, mainly: how do I know this? Special guest appearance by Andrew McLuhan, discussing The Circular Language.